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Supplier Code

Supplier Policy

Eximcorp values its reputation for conducting business honestly and with integrity. For more than 15 years, we have prided ourselves on doing business the right way. During the course of its business, Eximcorp has realized that suppliers as critical to its success. It, therefore, strives to select suppliers who maintain a commitment to strong ethics standards in its business practices.

This code of ethics seeks to provide a foundation for Eximcorp and its suppliers to build and maintain relationships based on fairness, trust, respect for the rights of individuals, compliance with the law, and sustainable business practices.

While Eximcorp is committed to obey the law wherever it conducts its business, Eximcorp also expects its suppliers to comply with all applicable laws, including laws relating to employment, human rights, the environment, and health and safety and finally, Eximcorp reserves its right to decline to deal with suppliers who do not comply with the law of the land where they operate or who do not have a valid, proven and sustainable environmental policy consistent with the policy of Eximcorp.

Eximcorp uses fair employment practices and strives to provide a safe and productive work environment for its employees. Eximcorp expects its suppliers to also maintain fair employment practices—specifically:

  • Fair working conditions:
  • Adhere to relevant employment laws, including those related to maximum hours of daily labor, rates of pay, minimum age, privacy, and other fair working conditions.
  •  Prohibit the use of child labor.
  • Freedom of engagement: Prohibit the use of chattel slaves, forced or bonded labor, or coerced prison labor.

Eximcorp is committed to keeping safety paramount in everything it does and will do business only with suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to safety. We expect suppliers to:

  • Make continuous efforts to achieve a workplace that is free from work-related injury and illness.
  • Conduct themselves in a manner consistent with all applicable safety standards, including governmental requirements, operations- and facility-specific safety requirements, and contractual requirements.
  • Identify and respond to any public health impacts of their operations and the use of their products and services. Treat injured employees with respect and provide medical treatment for workplace injury and illness. Maintain a workplace free of the effects of alcohol and drug use.

In furtherance of its policies on sustainability, Eximcorp is committed to manage its businesses in a sustainable and responsible way, it aims to do business with suppliers who share its concerns for and commitment to sustainable business practices. At a minimum, Eximcorp requires its suppliers to meet all applicable environmental rules, regulations and laws in the countries where they operate and do their business. In addition, Eximcorp is committed to seek and develop business relationships with suppliers who go beyond legal compliance and consistently look for new and better ways to conserve resources, reduce pollution and waste, and enhance the communities in which they operate and thus improve the lives.

Eximcorp expects its suppliers to do business in an ethical and transparent manner. Its suppliers must not offer bribes, kickbacks or inappropriate payments or incur such expenditures of any kind to government officials or other third parties directly or indirectly for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business or gaining an improper advantage. Suppliers are required to comply with the applicable laws in the countries they are established and operate as well as local anti-bribery laws in each jurisdiction in which they do business.

In return, Eximcorp’s relationships with its suppliers also must be founded on the premises of honesty and fairness.  We are guided by the uncompromising standards of behavior that prohibit any kind of inappropriate payments to any employees of suppliers to attain lower prices or preferences for Eximcorp and while doing so, Eximcorp is committed not to reveal commercial terms of business, technology and other confidential information of one supplier to another, nor will it make false or misleading remarks to others about suppliers or their products or services.

Every supplier including a service provider with access to confidential Eximcorp information must not disclose such information to other parties without its written consent. Such confidential information may include, but is not limited to, the information consisting of Product pricing or its costs, its customer and employees, operating system, policies and practices including its applications.

Suppliers including service providers handling personal confidential information during the course of performance of services on behalf of Eximcorp are required to ensure that such information is protected against unauthorized disclosure and is appropriately safeguarded. Suppliers must immediately report actual or possible unauthorised disclosures of personal confidential information that could have occurred owing to exigencies of circumstances.


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