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Environment Firendly Products

Eximcorp’s business is responsible and its actions are transparent.

Being a trading company, we engage ourselves in responsible trading and distribution of Wood products by considering the economic, social and environmental impacts of these products.

The guiding environmental policy is solidly based on the principles of environmental impact minimisation, continuous improvement, efficient use of wood and its products. We source our products from sources who have certified environmental and quality systems support.

Eximcorp believes that Wood products derived from sustainable forestry helps to build and develop a sustainable living environment. The range of our Eco efficient wood products are a natural choice of material for responsible housing and constructions and thus increase the long term well being of the society. The usage of wood and its product helps mitigate the climate changes without any significant carbon foot print as compared to other building materials such as Cement and steel.

Our principals produce these wood products with low energy and emissions, using the best available technology. This renewable and recyclable raw material that absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is sourced from sustainably managed forests. By-products generated during manufacturing are also utilised by the manufacturing facilities in captive power generations.

Being a versatile aesthetic material, Wood and its products are a natural and technically competitive and economically affordable building material as a responsible choice in any environmentally-friendly community planning, constructions of commercial industrial and public building, private dwelling homes and their interior decorations.


Sustainable wood products are the only survival.
Contribute to environment by saying 'NO' to wood products derived from non-sustainable forestry

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